Mossy Bees Iconic Wrap Sets

We want to make saving the world affordable.

Our wrap sets are the best quality and value for money you will find. Each set contains a small (25cm x 25cm) medium (30cm x 30cm) and large (35cm x 35cm) wrap.

Our wraps are handmade with kindness. We take time to select the most beautiful fabric and organic ingredients. They are made inĀ small batches so you will stand out in the crowd (or the lunch room).
Use our wraps on anything you would previously use plastic wrapping on (except raw meat). Mossy Bee's Wraps are brilliant in your lunch boxes, the fridge, or for keeping bread fresh.
Our unique and sort after designs are sure to come home from school or work at the end of the day.
Plastic free wraps is a great way to make real environmental change.
We encourage you to think about your plastic use to protect and save our planet.